Bow Hunting in Zimbabwe can be extremely challenging and rewarding. We offer bow hunting safaris for all of the plains game species on  our price list. A minimum draw weight of 50lbs is required for plains game hunting. It is however recommended to use a bow of 60lbs to 80lbs.

In Zimbabwe bow hunting is unique as opposed to other countries, as we provide a Fully-Licensed Professional Hunter to help you, the same as with rifle hunting. The Professional Hunter is there to assist with Trophy judgement and shot opportunity. In all cases radios are used to call in a truck with trackers to assist in the recovery of your animal and to bring it to the skinning facilities as soon as possible, so as not to have the skin spoilt.

The concession areas on which bow hunting safaris are conducted are dedicated to bow hunting, ensuring animals are more relaxed and slightly easier to bow hunt, than in areas where a lot of rifle hunting is conducted. The most important factor is of course the level of comfort and accuracy a hunter can obtain, with the equipment he intends using. Three types of bows can be used when bow hunting in Zimbabwe.

They are the compound, re curve and long bow. Of these three types the compound bow is by far the most widely used and is the most practical weapon for hunting in Zimbabwe. A variety of blinds are used from which to ambush trophy animals. These range from elevated  blinds in strategic areas to ground blinds. Ground blinds are normally in close proximity to waterhole’s, ensuring a high success rate during the early morning and the late afternoon. You will find that hunting from a blind, you will enjoy a full compliment of a great lunch box and cold drinks as well as hot coffee for those cold mornings. These permanent blinds offer fantastic photographic opportunities for the family.

The Professional Hunters which accompany bow hunting safaris, have many years of experience in the pursuit of Africa’s plains game. Their commitment and knowledge is sure to add greatly to the success of your safari.

When considering your safari, it is important to look at the phases of the moon, for the success rate will be greatly diminished in periods of full or almost full

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