For more than 20 years he has been conducting safaris both for Big Game and Plains game with both a Rifle and a Bow. Most of his hunting has been as a Freelance Hunter working for some of the best operators that Zimbabwe has to offer and in turn he has conducted his own safaris in these areas with many a repeat client.

Now as an operator and still a Professional Hunter, Nyamazana Safaris can offer you a hunt of a lifetime with the wealth of knowledge that Wayne has obtained from all these areas available to him in Zimbabwe. There is no hunt that can not be arranged and for the best possible price with the game that you want to hunt in the best possible location available.

Past Recognition’s

Wayne has won Best Sable, Best Lion, Best Leopard, Best Antelope and Runner Up to Best Lion, Sable and Leopard with the awards presented in Zimbabwe which ZPHGA present annually.

His tracker, Cowboy, won the Gallantry Award for bravery beyond the Call of Duty when he came to Wayne’s aid with a very close call involving a wounded Buffalo

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