Clothing Requirements

Since there will be daily laundry it is suggested that you bring:
3 pairs of hunting trousers or shorts, 3 hunting shirts
1 warm jacket and a sweater
3 pairs of socks and underwear
2 pairs of hunting boots and 1 pair casual footwear
A good hat for the sun and a ball cap or 2
A tracksuit for those quiet nights in the blind
All clothing should be of a dark khaki, jungle green type colour

Possible Things To Bring Along

220/110V converter for your camera’s and other personal electronic devises
Insect repellent / sun block
Flash light and extra batteries
Good quality binoculars
Sun glasses and wide brimmed hat for the hot days
Personal medical kit and toiletries


Most hunting is conducted in our cooler months March through to July. Temperatures will be anywhere between 30°F and 60°F, cool in the early mornings, warming up in the middle of the day with evenings getting cooler again. In our hotter months August through to November the temperature can rise up to 100°F, especially in the Zambezi Valley areas, Matetsi and the lowveld.

Recommended Firearms and Ammunition

For most plains game any medium calibre bolt-action rifle will do, such as a 30-06, 300Win Mag, 338. For dangerous game the legal minimum calibre is a 375 H&H Magnum required to hunt thick skinned game such as Elephant, Hippo and Buffalo.

I recommend shoot the largest calibre that you can handle well. 458, 458 Lott and 416 have been popular choices. 40 rounds of ammunition per calibre should be sufficient. It is recommended that the best proven premium bullets should be used such as Swift A frame, Barnes, Noslers, Trophy bonded and Monolithic solids for thick skinned game.

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